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Alchemic Perfumery – natural artisanal perfumes, home fragrances and skin care slow-made with only botanicals and crafted with love.

Discover Your Perfume

Discover Your Perfume

Do you know which perfume matches your personality? Have you noticed some people own a signature scent? Sometimes it is just their perfume or cologne, but sometimes it’s a mixture of their laundry detergent, their soap, shampoo, skincare and the aroma of their home that they carry with them.

Unveil the secrets behind your perfume

Unveil the secrets behind your perfume | Sonia Orts

I know.Those chemical names are a curse! Synthetic odorant molecules are the building blocks of mainstream perfumery. A natural essence may contain hundreds of odorant molecules and other chemical compounds – this is what we label in our products ingredients list – the main chemical compounds of our natural essential oil synergies.