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Why are Esterified Oils Useless in Cosmetics?

In this series devoted to oils as an essential cosmetic ingredient, we have seen that the most common oils used in our creams are of petrochemical origin.
There are two other types of oils that are of natural or partially natural origin and that have undergone a change in their chemical structure: esterified oils and hydrogenated oils. Here we will discuss esterified oils, which are widely used in cosmetics as an alternative to natural vegetable oils.

DIY – Homemade Cream Scars – oOlution Recipe

Getting rid of scars is not always easy. Whether it is hypertrophic or keloid scars, acne scars or scars following a surgical operation, it is possible to naturally reduce scars by adopting the right gestures and the right products from the beginning of the healing phases.

For those who love homemade cosmetics, here is my recipe from cream to improve the appearance of your recent or older scars.

Redness to the face: how to calm your skin in winter

O cold season, O skin despair! For your skin, winter rhymes with misery. It itches, pulls, tingles… It’s not the same for your complexion either: redness sets in. Ouch. You clench your teeth and camouflage your skin while waiting for the sunny days. We have better things to offer you! Follow the guide to transform the coldest months into a cocoon of softness for your skin.

5 tips to avoid imperfections and make them disappear!


You left high school a long time ago, but your skin still seems to be stuck in your teen years : uneven complexion, blocked pores, redness, zits… Imperfections are ruining your life. Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic ! Whether they’re recurring or a one off, you can treat and prevent imperfections naturally.

The 6 best foods for glowing skin


With pollution, stress, tiredness or even the cold, your skin can easily push radiance aside and leave a dull and tired complexion in its place. Even though there are a million different methods to get back your glowing skin, your diet remains the single most effective cure. After all, you are what you eat! Here’s our advice on how you can change your diet to emphasise your natural beauty.