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Breast Health Bombshell: What Every Woman Should Know


Here’s what you might not know about women’s health exams and, based on the most recent insights, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind for your health…

Does Chocolate effect your skin?

Already having Halloween Candy cravings? It’s the time of the year when we all want sugary sweet treats – but what harm can they do to your skin? Everyone knows the rumor that chocolate makes you break out, but what is it about chocolate that’s bad for you?

What do customers say lately..

I tried a sample of this cream with hesitance because of my extra sensitive, acneic skin with dry patches?. My skin reacts to almost everything and this is why i avoid trying new products. However, this is a very calming formula. Lightweight, without a perfume and without leaving you this sticky feeling that many day creams leave. I really enjoyed it (however, i am a person that prefers oils rather than creams) and i think that it will fit all skin types because it is mild yet very effective.

TOP TIPS for making the switch to shampoo bars!

Making the switch from plastic bottled, detergent based shampoo to Shampoo Bars can feel like a big leap. To help with the transition, we have spent some time to find a few hints and tips about how to get the most from your new, natural, detergent-free shampoo bars. Read on for information to help you to make the switch from liquid shampoo and to ditch the plastic and the products containing SLS, SLES and other detergents.

Holy Transformation

Review | Palo Santo Essential Oil | Living Libations

Holy Transformation“Healing with the shaman, the essence of this holy wood reaches through the realms we see and believe, and brings to light the potentials we dare to dream. Palo Santo has been a long time favorite essence of mine, after learning of the 16 year (and sometimes longer) protective hold the shamans place upon […]

Discover Your Perfume

Discover Your Perfume

Do you know which perfume matches your personality? Have you noticed some people own a signature scent? Sometimes it is just their perfume or cologne, but sometimes it’s a mixture of their laundry detergent, their soap, shampoo, skincare and the aroma of their home that they carry with them.

Powerful Propolis Lip Treatment 

Powerful Propolis Lip Treatment 

Powerful Propolis Lip Treatment  Ideal for those suffering from constantly dry and chapped lips.– Propolis helps in the regeneration of lips by preventing crack infections and offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action– Propolis protects from adverse environmental effects and irritations– Not only does propolis help heal lips exposed to sun and wind damage, but it can […]