Our Bacteria: Beauticians for Glowing Skin

Our skin, this moist envelope of our soul, is a living, breathing, and regenerating tissue. This miraculous medium is the real estate coveted by every cosmetic that aims to penetrate pores, solve insecurities, and systematize skin types. And yet, glowing, radiant skin evades so many. "Beauty was not simply something to behold; it was something [...]

Plant Portrait: Aloe Vera

Plant Portrait Aloe Vera - BLOG - Jana Teneva
Known already since ancient times in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece, the Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) has been used for over 5000 years for its amazing virtues. This East African native grows well not only in tropical climate but as well in pot indoors, at kitchen windows or living room tables. It is claimed to be [...]

Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Makes your skin look light and fresh!!!

REVIEW - Hyaluronic Acid Serum _ Makes your skin look light and fresh - Delizioso Skincare

This product deserves to have many-many great reviews!! Another Delizioso product that rocks!It is a very light formula, a little heavier than water that sinks immediately into the skin and hydrates it in a glorious way.

Singles, Carriers and DIY Advice

Singles Carriers and DIY Advice- Living Libations

THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIVING LIBATIONS Do you like to play mix-master? So do we! To empower your creative mixing, we offer single note essences and carrier oils. On every oil’s product page, we offer information on what the essence smells like, how we like to use it, and what oils it blends well with to help you make […]


Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo - Review - Living Libations
HairBodyTeethMakeupFace BRILLIANT AND GROUNDBREAKING “The only thing we use to extend that blow dry is Flowers-in-Her-Hair, the brainchild of the brilliant and groundbreaking Nadine Artemis and her gorgeous natural products Living Libations. The brand focuses on beauty and dental care that incorporates ingredients from forests and meadows, and is natural, organic and nourishing to your [...]

My work, my passion!

Joerien van der Wijk - Manager France - Dutch Health Store

Hello everybody! I was born and raised in the Netherlands but feel like a real French woman. At high school my passion for the French language and culture started. I fell in love with the pronunciation and I didn’t do anything else than listen to and sing along with French music, the whole day! Could […]

VIDEO | Successful Self-Dentistry in 8 Steps

Successful Self-Dentistry in 8 Steps - Nadine Artemis - Living Libations

Take a few moments to do these steps morning and night and wake up ready to kiss the day! Welcome to the Successful Self-Dentistry steps with our Ozone products. We are happy to offer more options to create the healthiest mouth ever! Each of these products is unique and offers innovative care when used altogether.If […]

Sweat the Small Stuff

Nadine Artemis - Sweat the Small Stuff

Our “underarms are akin to lush rain forests brimming with diversity…”(1) Science has recently elevated the modest underarm to a unique and vital body micro-climate. Its dark, warm dampness is the ideal environment for thousands of unique dermal bacteria, many of which are important for our health and immunity. Sweat is the body’s precious and […]

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