Being moved and keep on moving others

After having already worked creatively as an architect for renowned architectural offices in Copenhagen and Berlin, Corinna Kuhnert followed the call of her heart and made a career out of her clairvoyance and healing abilities. Since 2007 she has been working as a spiritual teacher focussing on adjustment of the heart-force, expansion and further development of psychic abilities as well as offering certified trainings in the complex sphere of Transformational Light Work.

She loves to travel and together with her husband meanwhile has visited various energetic hotspots all over the world – e.g. Hawai’i, Mount Shasta and Iceland, where she also creates the mother tinctures of her flower- and energetic hotspot-essences in affectionate manual labour. Being constantly inspired to create something new, Corinna as well has published a transformation card deck and a CD with guided mediations. Following her motto: being moved and keep on moving others.

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