How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account is very easy and it’s completely FREE. You don’t have to pay for becoming a Partner of Dutch Health Store.

All you need to sign up go to the Signup Form below and fill it out. After a review from our Partner-programm manager, you will receive an email with your password and other information.

As our Partner, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred, choice of banners and text links.

Then you only need to place a Partner link, banner, text link or other link at your web site, Twitter etc. so you can start sending customers to our website. You can track this in the My Account -> Partner page.

What is the Partner link and how do I get it?

The Partner link is a special URL where you should be sending the visitors.

You will find the URL’s for different banners in your Partner panel after logging in on your account at Dutch Health Store.
My account

How do I track performance?

On your Dashboard, go to Reports. You’ll be able to track your earnings and check your payments.
Our partner links contain unique identifiers, allowing us to track anyone directed from your website.


Can I promote you through pay-per-click search engines?

No, you may not use a PPC and/or Google Adwords. Doing so is grounds for termination of your Dutch Health Store Partner Account and forfeiting your commissions.


When someone signs up as my referral, will their be for the lifetime?

Yes, they will!
We know that sometimes you just want to keep saying thank you to your referral for their referring to you.

So, we introduced lifetime referral rewards to make this possible!
It will be for as long as your referred friend is a paying customer.

How to receive my money/credit?

You can see this by going to your My Account page and click Partner.

Where can I see my funds?

You can see this by going to your My Account page and click Partner.

How is the payment handled?

You may choose to receive Commission Fees in the form of a PayPal payment.
You may choose to receive Commission Fees in the form of Store Credit (Wallet)

Payments are issued in Euro’s, and are paid bi-monthly. Partner will receive a payout when their commissions have accumulated to € 50.00 or more.

You will receive a credit-invoice for your own administration, Dutch Health Store BV keeps a decent record of all payments.
Commission fees are ALWAYS inclusive Dutch tax.

What happens if I want to dispute the amount of my payout?

For any payment disputes, contact with the full details of the issue.


Few simple steps

1. Go to the Signup Form

2. Fill out the form

3. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with the link to your Partner Dashboard.

4. Log in to your own Partner dashboard on Dutch Health Store and choose from various banners or  text links.

5. Place some of these banners/links onto the homepage of your website and as many pages as you want, to increase your sales

Receive at least 5% commissions from every sale!  

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