Soothing Silk Cleanser


Soothing Silk Cleanser

Refresh, Purify, Hydrate

240ml/8oz PET

ISUN’s silky, moisture-balancing body cleanser is based in pure organic herb-infused aloe vera gel and coconut oil with a refreshing aroma from alpine essential oils.
Creamy and light, it is pH balanced (5.5-5.6) to naturally support the integrity of your skin’s acid mantle and moisture barrier function and to adulterants help keep your skin moist.

The ultra-mild surfactant (cleansing agent), called polyglucosides, is derived from natural, renewable raw materials and is biodegradable.
Polyglucosides result from a reaction between coconut/palm oil and plant starch/sugar and effectively remove dirt and impurities without irritating or striping the skin of its natural oils.

ISUN’s Soothing Silk body cleanser helps leave your skin feeling clean, soft and conditioned after rinsing.

NON-TOXIC ingredients
Free off harsh chemicals and synthetics, sulfates, artificial fragrances or colors, animal products or gluten.
√ No animal testing
√ Suitable for vegans.


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100% Organic

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