Ormus Myst


Ormus Myst

Sacred Alchemy

50ml/1.7oz Dark violet glass

Our signature face and body mist is made from pristine, energizing, living water, rushing from a high natural spring source in a deep forest located in the San Juan mountains of Colorado.
High altitude springs at their source are said to be exceptionally rich in super-conducting, single atoms of gold, platinum and other precious metals in a rare liquid state.
Collectively, these atoms are called ‘ormus’. It is believed that the high-spin, super-conductive nature of ormus creates a harmonious flow of communication between body, mind and spirit as well as communication between all life.
Consciousness elevating essential oils of Sacred Frankincense, Rose and Jasmine are infused in the lively water, and a clear quartz crystal is embedded in each bottle of mist.

NON-TOXIC ingredients
Free off harsh chemicals and synthetics, sulfates, artificial fragrances or colors, animal products or gluten.
√ No animal testing
√ Suitable for vegans.


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100% Organic

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