Forest Cologne – Singing Cedar Smudge



Forest Cologne – Singing Cedar Smudge
Living Libations

Singing Cedar Smudge is a cedar scented coniferous cologne that elevates the aura of your charisma. Forest bathe your body in cologne that swirls the enchanting essences of white cedar and red cedar into an aromatic song with serene sandalwood, a verve of vivacious vetiver, a fusion of fruity forest air with Douglas fir, and a dash of golden grapefruit. Our Singing Cedar Smudge is a refreshing forest fragrance to underscore a verdant virility you are sure to adore.

Anoint yourself with the sacred scent of majestic tree resins. Singing Cedar Smudge isperfect post-shower or after shave, before you venture into your day, or whenever you long for the fresh embrace of nature’s cleansing and replenishing rays.


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