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Fir Siberian Essential Oil - Living Libations

Living Libations Siberian Fir essential oil is drawn from the fresh fir trees that dot the sparkling, snow-covered vastness of the Boreal forest biome of Siberia. The essential oil is distilled in the short summers of the Taiga, this classic conifer was first used in European and Russian spas to revive muscles and spruce up the spirit during the 1800s. The tree’s wood was sturdy enough to build ships and houses, while the oil was used to infuse Christmastime with the fresh, fragrant spirit of the forest.

Today, Siberian Fir is known for its medicinal monoterpenes and spiritual grace. The constituents of camphene and ester bornyl acetate is a popular fir for revitalizing all things respiration. A circulatory stimulant, Siberian Fir is also magnificent to massage muscles and melt tension.

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