Coco-Cucumber Cleanser


Coco-Cucumber Cleanser

Skin Soother

120ml/4oz PET

ISUN’s silky, essential oil-free, light lotion cleanser with cooling coconut oil and soothing cucumber, gently, yet effectively, cleanses even the most sensitive skin.
Pure organic aloe vera juice – infused with calming calendula, lavender, chamomile and rose flowers- helps hydrate and give skin a soft, calm appearance.

The sulfate-free, ultra-mild surfactant (cleansing agent), called polyglucosides, is derived from natural, renewable raw materials and is biodegradable.
Polyglucosides result from a reaction between coconut/palm oil and plant starch/sugar and effectively remove dirt and impurities without irritating or striping the skin of its natural oils.

The natural fresh fragrance of virgin coconut blended with cucumber is a delicious delight to the senses.
Coco-Cucumber Creamy Facial Cleanser is ideally pH balanced (5.5-5.6) to naturally support the integrity of your skin’s acid mantle and moisture barrier function against contaminants and to help maintain your skin’s natural oils.

NON-TOXIC ingredients
Free off harsh chemicals and synthetics, sulfates, artificial fragrances or colors, animal products or gluten.
√ No animal testing
√ Suitable for vegans.



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100% Organic

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