Best Skin Ever™ Rose


Best Skin Ever™ Rose
Living Libations

Anoint your face with the grace of sweet morning dew afresh in replenishing rose and nourished anew!

Rose Best Skin Ever™ infuses every lipid layer in the precious peteled sanctity of renewing Rose otto and a bevy of botanicals that regale rejuvenation. This luxurious libation may be used as a clarifying cleanser and exfoliator, and a penetrating face and body moisturizer.

Rose Best Skin Ever™ restores, adores, and soothes skin that has become dry, damaged, weak, or wrinkled. The resilience of Rose otto essential oil delivers targeted nourishment where tired tissues need it most, helping to tone, lift, and firm sagging skin. It takes over 60 roses to create a single drop of radiant Rose otto. Its preciousness is apparent from the gentle-yet-powerful impact of rose on all skin types.

In our Rose Best Skin Ever™, Rose otto is supported in her quest to soothe skin with the healing plant-power of nature’s purest botanicals. With splendid seabuckthorn, holy jojoba, quenching coconut, luscious lavender, lovely ylang ylang, invigorating vetiver, energizing grapefruit, and pore empowering palmarosa, Rose Best Skin Ever™ reveals perfectly balanced, even toned skin with improved elasticity, soothed spots, and poignant plumpness.


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